International students come to Gimli via Winnipeg’s James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. The airport is located in Winnipeg City 95 KM to the south of Gimli. Once you are enrolled and have arranged your flight, send us the details and we will arrange for pickup from the airport if you do need them.

International students usually have to transit from either Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto and take a domestic flight to Winnipeg. These airports have free wifi so you can give us a call once you arrive in Canada and we will take it from there.

To make sure that we send the right car and get all of you at once, please let us know if you are coming alone or with your family, and how many pieces of luggage you have. If your arrival flight is during office hours, we could even pick up some food and toiletries from the supermarket on your way in. Winnipeg has many out giant supermarkets like Canadian Superstore and Walmart, the latter is open 24 hours on some days.

We have many international students here at Lakeside Flight School, and we know that the only thing you will want after a long flight is to settle in and have a good rest. Talk to us and we will try to help you make your settlement here as easy as we can.