To facilitate wire transfers and banking facilities for day-to-day needs, we suggest all students open a Canadian bank account. Here in Gimli, we are able to link you up with CIBC bank and with your student visa, you will be able to open an everyday chequing account that comes with a bank card and debit card for cashless transactions as well as a Canadian credit card.

Should you desire to stay in Canada after training, a credit card will go well towards building a credit line required for financing your own car and house in the future. A credit card will also be useful for refueling stops at self-serve gas pumps on your cross country flights.

The opening of bank account here requires an appointment with the bank agent and submitting documents including your letter of acceptance from Lakeside Flight School, your ID (in this case, most probably your passport), and your student permit. Depending on how busy they get, an appointment could take weeks. Let us know if you do want an account and we will help you set up the appointment early and you can set it up the day after you arrive.