Want to fly but feel uncertain? Or do you want to explore the sensations of taking over the controls and see for yourself how flying is like?

Or do you know someone who loves going to the airport and look at planes all days? Perhaps all his/her toys are planes and he/she has watched all the cartoons and movies about planes? A discovery flight would be the perfect gift for that special someone.

Join us for a discovery flight today. Discovery flights are conducted exactly like a real training flight with you in the left seat and your instructor right beside you. You will get to handle the plane and execute simple maneouvers like climbs, descents, and gentle turns and make some basic radio calls. Also included in the discovery flight is the pre- and post-flight briefing where the instructor will go through some basic planning and things to take note of before a flight such as aircraft condition and weather.

The best part is, whatever flight hours clocked on the discovery flight will be counted towards your Private Pilot Licence because we know you will want it after your discovery flight. We all did! So this is basically Lesson One!

Discovery flights are tax-free so check our Rates page for the current prices.

Check out our affordable rates for your discovery flight today!

Enroll today and start flying now!