International students who wish to drive in Canada can do so on their home country driving licence within 3 months of their arrival. After the third month, an offshore letter from the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) is required and that letter will remain valid as long your student visa remains valid. To apply for this letter, we will issue you an official statement stating that you are enrolled here and the duration of your training and together with your ID and driver’s licence, you can visit any MPI service centre (there are two within driving distances in Arborg and Selkirk) and process your offshore letter within a day.

Drivers’ licence from certain countries can be converted to a Canadian licence without further tests and examinations. Visit this page to find out if your home country has a reciprocating agreement with Canada.

If your country is not part of the list of countries mentioned above, you can choose to obtain a Manitoba Driver’s Licence. The process is fairly quick and simple. It involves a knowledge test and a road test.

In any case, we suggest you take a look at the Driver’s Handbook available on the MPI website to familiarise yourself with the Manitoban driving rules. Manitoba has strict rules on driving under influence and given the different weather conditions and prevalence of gravel roads here, it is best to be prepared, just like a pilot would be for his flight! Download the handbook here.

For everyday needs to the stores or to the city, a school car is available for rent. Just check with us for price and availability. A damage deposit will be required and students pay according to the mileage on the odometer.