Like fishing and want to land on water at your favourite lake? Want to fly to an island without a land-based runway? Add on a float rating! You only need an RPL!


Fly aircraft attached with floats


  • Recreational Pilot Licence
  • 7 hours of seaplane training including:
    • 5 hours of dual instructions
    • 5 solo take-offs and landings
  • Be trained in:
    • taxiing,
    • sailing,
    • docking,
    • takeoffs, and landings
    • Operations on glassy water, rough water and in crosswind conditions.
  • Complete a qualifying flight with a certified instructor or TC inspector

The information listed above is the minimum requirements from Transport Canada. Based on the Transport Canada minima and our current rates, your Float Rating course fees are summarised below. Please note that these numbers are the absolute minima and prices vary according to individual aptitude and attitude.

Float Rating training is tax-exempted in Manitoba.

Float Rating

ItemUnit PriceTotal Price
7 hours Float Time
5 hours Dual Instruction2901450
2 hours Solo Rental230460
Transport Canada Fees3030

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