For international students who already hold foreign licences and wish to fly in Canada, there are a few ways to go about this.

1. Foreign Licence Verification Certificate (FLVC)

A foreign licence holder may receive a FLVC for various purpose including

  • flying recreationally in Canada
  • receiving further training in Canada

To apply for an FLVC, the issuing authority must be an ICAO member state and the holder of the licence must have a valid medical from the same issuing authority. Applicants must use this form, and provide with the application 45 CAD administration fee, copies of the licence, valid medical certificate and identification such as National ID or passport.

The FLVC will be valid for 1 year, after which the applicant can choose either to renew his FLVC or apply for a Canadian licence. For more information regarding the FLVC, please see here, here, and CARs 421.07.

2. Canadian Licence based on a Foreign Licence

A holder of a Foreign-Issued Private Pilot can convert his licence to a Canadian Licence by:

  • Having a Category 3 and above Canadian Medical Certificate
  • Completing and scoring 90% and above for the PSTAR exam
  • Have the required hours logged to fulfil Transport Canada requirements
    • 45 total hours comprising:
      • 17 dual instruction, including
        • 3 hours of cross-country
        • 5 hours of instrument time
      • 12 solo hours, including
        • 5 hours of solo cross-crountry
  • 5 take-offs and landings in the 6 months prior to application

More information is available here. Applicants can use this form to apply for the licence.

Contact us for more information regarding converting your licence and training in Canada. We will do our best to help. Please note that in all cases, Transport Canada would likely request to see your logbook for verification of the hours and experience requirements.