Medical coverage and insurance is one of the main concerns of many international students. Very often the premiums are high and the coverage insufficient, and you have to go through a ton of paperwork and money paying for your medical expenses before getting a reimbursement from your insurers.

As a pilot, your wellbeing and health is very important. Any ailment that may impact your ability to be clear-minded and alert in flight is a safety concern. That is why you will be pleased to know that here in Manitoba, residents and international students with a student visa valid for more than 6 months are eligible for free healthcare coverage with the Manitoba Health Card.

Benefits of the Health Card coverage include physician services, X-rays and surgeries including dental surgeries when ordered by a physician, optometry and chiropractice, so you have no worries about medical bills when you train here in Gimli.

We will help you with the application for the health card once you get here and it is valid as long as your student permit, and subsequently, your work permit and residency, is valid, so you will always be covered in any medical emergencies.