Instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) are one of the main causes of aviation accidents and they are usually fatal. Be prepared for IMC and fly in most weather conditions that would stop other pilots by getting your instrument rating! The Instrument Rating for us comes in two flavours, Single- and Multi-IFR. Depending on your needs and career path, you can do either.


Group 1 IFR rating: Multi-IFR

Group 3 IFR rating: Single-IFR


  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Obtain 70% pass mark on the written examination Instrument Rating (INRAT) covering the following subjects:
    • Canadian Aviation Regulations;
    • Instrument Flight Rules and Procedures;
    • Meteorology;
    • Instruments;
    • Radio and Radar systems; and
    • Navigation
  • Multi-Engine Rated if doing Multi-IFR
  • Have a minimum of 50 hours of cross-country flight as pilot in command including 10 in the B95A if doing Multi-IFR
  • Have a minimum of 40 instrument hours including:
    • A maximum of 20 hours of simulator time
    • 25 hours of dual instrument time with a IFR-rated flight instrutor
    • One dual cross-country in simulated or actual IMC of at least 100 NM according to an IFR flight plan with two instrument approach to minima at two different locations.
  • Pass a flight test

Based on the Transport Canada minima and our current rates, your Instrument Rating course fees are summarised below. Please note that these numbers are the absolute minima and prices vary according to individual aptitude and attitude.

The summary assumes that you would have already accumulated 50 PIC cross-country hours. If you need to time-build to acquire the minimum cross-country hours, please check our solo rental rates for the C172 and safety pilot rental rates for the Beech Travelair.

Instrument Rating training is tax-exempted in Manitoba.

Multi-IFR Rating

ItemUnit PriceTotal Price
40 Instrument Hours
25 hours B95A Dual Instruction3208000
15 hours Sim1001500
Multi-IFR Ground School (Optional) and material250250
Multi-IFR Written Exam (INRAT)105105
Multi-IFR Flight Test Examiner Fee495495
Multi-IFR Flight Test Plane Rental260520 (Depending on length of test)
Transport Canada Fees3030

Single-IFR Rating

ItemUnit PriceTotal Price
40 Instrument Hours
20 hours Dual Instruction1903800
15 hours Sim1001500
Single-IFR Ground School (Optional) 250250
Single-IFR Written Exam (INRAT)105105
Single-IFR Flight Test Examiner Fee495495
Single-IFR Flight Test Plane Rental150300 (Depending on length of test)
Transport Canada Fees3030

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