If you are able to drive and would like to enjoy the freedom of having your own car, speak to our staff on how you can lease or purchase one. We will be happy to help, but why drive if you can fly!

Cars are relatively cheap in Canada and you can get a decent second-hand car for anything within $3000 to $5000CAD. To get a feel of the types of cars available and their prices, check out kijiji.ca, the local website for second-hand items.

Before you buy any cars, make sure you speak to our staff. Canada has strict safety rules regarding cars and they need to be safetied before you can drive on the road. We can help you make sure you are not overpaying for something you can’t drive.

We also set up an agreement with a local car dealer to help international students who would have just arrived in Canada to acquire their first car. With the agreement, you will be able to buy your first car from a reliable source with on a lease-purchase options.