Find a single-engine aircraft too slow? Want a safer aircraft in case of an engine failure? Want to fly bigger airline jets in the future? Learn to fly a multi today! We have the Beechcraft Travelair just for you.

Multi-engine aircraft are safer because the possible of a total loss of power is minimised. In the Multi-engine Rating course, you will learn how to operate the plane in the event that one engine should fail. No matter what, you will still have power!

For those interested in pursuing a career with commercial airlines, this will be an important rating for you to have. All major commercial airlines are using multi-engine aircraft, no matter if they are Boeings or Airbuses. Having a multi-engine rating means that your transition to heavy aircraft will be that much easier.

In addition, many companies will require you to be instrument-rated. Your multi-engine rating will help you when the time comes to do your multi-IFR ratings.

Talk about killing many birds with one stone!


Fly aircraft with more than one engine.


  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Pass a pre-flight evaluation with your instructor demonstrating competency in preflight operations, airwork, emergency procedures, and approach and landing.
  • Pass a flight test with an approved examiner.

Further Training

  • Add on your Group 1 Multi-IFR rating

Transport Canada does not a a minimum requirement of hours for the Multi-engine Rating, but on average it can be done in around 8 hours. Your Multi-engine Rating course fees are summarised below. Please note that these numbers are only average and prices vary according to individual aptitude and attitude.

Multi-engine Rating training is tax-exempted in Manitoba.

Multi-Engine Rating

ItemUnit PriceTotal Price
8 hours Dual Instruction3202560
Multi-Engine Ground School (Optional) 6060
Multi-Engine Flight Test Examiner Fee495495
Multi-Engine Flight Test Plane Rental260520 (Depending on length of test)
Transport Canada Fees3030

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