Don’t let the sun restrict your ability to fly. The night holds a view as good if not better than the day. The Night Rating is an integral part of your Commercial Pilot Licence and very important if you don’t want to get stranded just because it’s nightfall.


Fly after sundown.


  • Private Pilot Licence
  • 20 hours of total time including:
    • 10 hours of night flight time including:
      • 5 hours of dual time including at least 2 hours of cross-country time
      • 5 hours of solo flight time including 10 take-offs and landings
    • 10 hours of instrument time
      • A maximum of 5 hours of instrument hours may be in a simulator
      • The 5 hours from the PPL count
    • Complete a qualifying flight with an instructor or Transport Canada (TC) inspector

Based on the Transport Canada minima and our current rates, your Night Rating course fees are summarised below. Please note that these numbers are the absolute minima and prices vary according to individual aptitude and attitude.

Night Rating training is tax-exempted in Manitoba.

Night Rating

ItemUnit PriceTotal Price
20 Total Hours
5 hours Dual Instruction190950
5 hours Solo Rental150750
5 hours Sim
Transport Canada Fees6060

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