People may have warned you about paying large amount of fees upfront and schools that have absconded with your hard-earned training money. Here at Lakeside Flight School, we feel the same way. That is why our training is pay-as-you-go. International students are charged the same rate as local students and you only pay as from engine on to engine off according to this device we call the Hobbs Meter.

We recommend you pay with your bank card at the end of each training day and an invoice will be given to you for record and a monthly statement to help you keep track of how much you have spent. That’s another area where a local bank account would come in handy. However, we do have international students on bank loans that only allow wires direct to us as a learning institute. If you have that requirement, speak to us and we can discuss how we can set a transfer for you.

We accept credit cards, cash, and bank transfers.

Otherwise, and this is important, do NOT pay any flight school large amount of fees upfront!