All our training are charged according to the hours flown and rates apply depending on the aircraft you are flying. For dry rates, please speak to our staff.

We operate in two-hour blocks and each dual instruction flight include free pre-and post-flight briefings capped at a maximum of 15 minutes each. If students come unprepared and instructors have to spend more than 15 minutes briefing, ground instruction rate shall apply.

We do not collect large learning fees in advance and students pay as they fly. Prices are subjected to changes. Taxes apply where applicable.

When prices do change, student will STILL be charged the same rate as when they first enrolled. This is our PRICE GUARANTEE

Single-Engine Instruction and Rental 
Dual Instruction$190/hour
Solo Rental$150/hour
Scenic Flight/Gift Certificate$170/hour
Discovery Flight$110 (30 mins)/$170 (1 hour)
Dual Instruction Instructor Rating$210/hour

Multi-Engine Instruction and Rental 
Dual instruction$320/hour
Safety Pilot Rental$300/hour
Scenic Flight/Gift Certificate$210/hour
Solo Rental for Flight Test$260/hour

Float C172 Instruction and Rental 
Dual instruction$290/hour
Safety Pilot Rental$270/hour
Solo Rental$230/hour

Dual Instruction$100/hour
Solo Rental$55/hour
Dual Instruction Instructor Rating$120/hour

Ground Instruction 
Dual Instruction$40/hour
Dual Instruction Instructor Rating$60/hour
Classroom Ground School PPL$500/student
Classroom Ground School CPL$800/student
Classroom Ground School IFR$400/student

Other FeesLakeside StudentsNon-Students
Instruction for Aircraft Owners$75/hourNA
PSTAR Test Fees$25/student$40/student
Radio Licence Test Fee$25/student$40/student
Student Pilot Permit Admin Fees$30/student$30/student
Night Rating Admin Incl. TC Fees$60/student$60/student
Seaplane (Float) Rating Admin Incl. TC Fees$60/student$60/student
RPL Admin Incl. TC Fees$120/student$120/student
PPL Admin Incl. TC Fees$120/student$120/student
CPL Admin Incl. TC Fees$150/student$150/student
RPL Written Exam/Partial Written Exam Incl. TC Fees$105/student$105/student
PPL Written Exam/Partial Written Exam Incl. TC Fees$105/student$105/student
English Proficiency Test Incl. TC Admin Fees$50/student$50/student
No-show fee $50/no-show$50/no-show


RPL Dual and SoloYN
PPL Dual, Solo and GroundYN
CPL Dual, Solo, and GroundNN
Night Rating Dual and SoloNN
Instructor Dual and GroundNN
Multi-Engine DualNN
Seaplane Dual and SoloNN
Instrument Dual and GroundNN
Simulator DualNN
Simulator SoloYY