Canada’s large general aviation community makes this country a popular place to start your flight training and flying career but few has all the right conditions come together, like Lakeside Flight School.

We are located in the Prairies where flatland weather makes the whole year a flying year – more than 300 days of flying, Summer or Winter!

Unlike many schools, we are not isolated in an airport far from town. Gimli town, bustling with activities, especially in the Summer, is only 5 minutes away by car. Accommodations are available 5 minutes away on foot or students can choose to live in town and still not have to worry about commuting.

With an uncontrolled mandatory frequency airport and a 6800-foot runway, learning to fly in Gimli is less punishing for the budding pilot. It gives new pilots the chance to hone their flying skills and be more familiar with the operation of the plane without having to deal with being overloaded with information and Air Traffic Control procedures and clearances.

Once the students are more familiar with the plane, controlled airspace practice is a short 20-minute flight away at St. Andrew’s Class D airport. Further south at Winnipeg James Armstrong International Airport, 30 minutes away from Gimli, students will also get the chance to have real-life experience landing and departing at a Class C airport. In fact, we love doing touch-and-goes at Winnipeg, where the 11000-foot runway puts even Gimli to shame.

For students taking their Instrument Rating, Instrument Landing System (ILS) approaches are available at both St. Andrews and Winnipeg.

We are also a Designated Learning Institute recognized by the education department. Since 2014, all international students applying for student permit must enroll in a Designated Learning Institute for accountability and quality control and we think that speaks volumes about Lakeside Flight School.

To ease the administrative process in acquiring their licences, our Office Manager is an authorized Industry Canada Radio Licence Examiner while our Chief Flight Instructor is a Transport Canada Authorized Person for all the ratings and licences that we conduct training for. This ensures that students be signed off immediately with temporary privileges while waiting for the official licences and labels from Transport Canada.

Update: We are also in the process of applying for the permission to administer of the Private Pilot Licence Written Examination and Aviation-Language Proficiency Test in-house. This will save our students even more time and money as they will no longer have to go all the way to Winnipeg.