Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) 

The best way to get started in aviation

RPP Prerequisites

  • 16 years old
  • A medical certificate category 1 or 3 delivered by a civil aviation medical examiners or  category 4 delivered by your family physician

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RPP Privilege

  • Fly for fun in a certified airplane, a homebuilt aircraft or an ultralight
  • Fly by day only, anywhere in Canada, with one passenger
  • Add a float rating to your permit

The Recreational Permit is perfect if you want the first step in aviation. It is ideal if you want to buy your own little airplane and fly alone most of the time. The RPP also allows you to bring one passenger aboard to share the unique experience of flying.  Except for a float rating, you will not be able to add endorsements such as a night or instrument rating. But if you want to upgrade later on, your experience will count toward the requirements for a Private Pilot License.​

RPP Requirements

  • Ground School
    Not mandatory but we recommend to study the 40h PPL ground school in order to get the basic knowledge all pilots should have.

  • Flight training time
     25 hours total time including:
            - 5 hours solo
            - 15 hours dual
               (including 2 h of dual cross country)
      Written test (60% pass mark)
      Flight test

****Those requirements are the minimums set by transport Canada to pass the flight test. On average, students need around 35 hours total time to be ready.****